Tuesday, August 14, 2007

PS3 Has No Games? Putting An End To The Myth

So today RDG decided to touch on a topic that's much debated on the web. We've been to enough gaming websites and forums to know that one of the biggest things argued about besides the price of the PS3 is that it has no games. So we're going to look at this statement a little bit and see how well it holds up.

PS3 was released in November of 06. The game that probably gained the most attention was Resistance: Fall of Man. I had my PS3 preordered and picked it up on launch day just like my Wii and in case you cared i bought my 360 in May of 06. My first game purchase was Resistance. I also want to mention that still to this day i find the game just at fun as i did last November online is a blast and the only other game I've played that tops it in online is Warhawk. Yes i was part of the beta and i must say that Warhawk is by far the best online gaming experience I've ever had.

Ok enough about that back to the issue at hand. What many people fail to realize is that backwards compatibility and the ability to play old games is a very important requirement in the eyes of gamers hence the reason why all 3 major console companies include it Wii can play Gamecube games and has the Virtual Console, Xbox 360 can play many Xbox games and the PS3 can play both PS2 and PS1 games. So by saying the PS3 has no games is like saying no one will be playing PS1 and PS2 games on their PS3.

A recent study from the NPD came out that said that only 30% of 360 gamers are aware of High Definition graphics for their console and only 40% of PS3 gamers are aware of Blu-ray being built in. So what does that tell us. The majority of consumers are not purchasing a PS3 or 360 for high definition picture quality. So that tells us the majority of them would have no problem playing older standard definition games on their new system. (Also both 360 and PS3 upconvert to a higher resolution for older games.) So with that being the case their are thousands of PS1 and PS2 games that that they can choose to play.

Not to point the finger at my fellow 360 owners but honestly the majority of the people that say the PS3 has no games are 360 owners that don't own a PS3. Also the 360 has more games due to its earlier release which was a full year. Also the few PS3 owners that say it has no games really can't say it either. They could say the PS3 doesn't have enough games that they like to play and for that to even be a legit statement they would not be owners of PS2 or PS1 games. And to the minority that complain that own a PS3 and have PS2 games i have one question. Why did you purchase the PS3 so early in its life cycle if you felt it didn't offer enough for you? Well for those PS3 owners or potential buyers out there the time has come. Starting on August 28th the games will start being released. We get 3 highly anticipated games all within a 2 1/2 week time frame and they are the following.

Warhawk 8/28/07
Lair 9/4/07
Heavenly Sword 9/12/07

There are several great games already released for PS3 also here are 3 of them

Resistance: Fall of Man
Ninja Gaiden Sigma

And for a good list of PS1 and PS2 games i suggest going to wikipedia.com type in "List of PlayStation 1 Games" or "List of PlayStation 2 Games" to get a pretty large list.

I usually like to end my posts with a helpful tip so here goes.

This applies to all consoles. I am the type of gamer that doesn't always trust a gaming sites review of a game (this being said its still a good idea to read them if you trust the site). I prefer to play it myself or read what a lot of other players say. So my tip is go to Gamefly.com find your game of choice and click on User Reviews. I usually sort the list by the lowest rating to read the negative things first. By reading these you can grasp a better understanding of what fellow gamers thought of the game and this can be the deciding factor of whether you should skip, rent, or purchase the game.


Kill said...

Nice opinion.

Anonymous said...

nice, but if you're outside of the us (&in the uk like me) your ps3 only plays a handful of ps2 games as it doesn't incorporate the ps2 chip like our american friends.
i for one seem to spend more time dusting my ps3. im bored of games i've been playing on my 360 for the last 12months coming out on the machine. having said that, long term, i think the ps3 is an unstoppable force. it's just a little dull at the mo. also, lets not forget, where r the decent wii games? mine only gets turned on then that blue light comes on for a system update. i believe that miscrosoft has totally got the 360 right & should be praised for doing such an awesome job. in 18 months i expect to be playing my ps3 a lot more (i at least hope so what with the cost of the machine), but at the moment i feel a little dissapointed with the line up currently & going forward for the resonably foreseable future.

Anonymous said...

A handful of Ps2 games? Come on, i live in Eurolandia, 47 Ps2 games out of 55 works fine on my Ps3. I won't count Psone games, all of them i tried works. Vagrant Story works way better than on Psone or 2.

Anonymous said...

I have a unique circumstance where I didn't buy my PS3, it was given to me. Before that, I owned a PS2, and was totally happy with it (hadn't even owned it a year before getting the PS3). I was biding my time until I could better see which system was most ideal. Now that I own a PS3, I'm not complaining, but honestly would not have bought it this year otherwise. Though I love Resistance and Motorstorm, I didn't until I played them. This holiday season changes everything, no? The three games you mentioned are exactly why I was interested in a PS3 from the get go (who gives a bugger about the sixaxis?).

Anonymous said...

I own both the 360 and the PS3. I think so far the real telling factor is that so far I've purchased 9 games for my Xbox and none for my ps3.

Sure the Xbox has been out longer, but sony have had enough time to pull their finger out and get something good on the market. Unfortunately, as was said before, the only decent games so far seem to be re-releases of 360 games, games I already own.

That being said, I am eager to get my hands on Heavenly Sword, but then I'm still waiting for it to be released.

Sports Gamers Online said...

I have the PS3 and 360 and I have not made any purchases for my PS3 outside of a few PSN games. I used to play Madden 07 for the PS2 on my PS3 but now that 08 is out for the 360 that's what I'm playing.
Now as a media hub the PS3 is great, I play blu-ray movies, DVD's and stream audio/video to the HDTV using the PS3. But as a gaming system alone I would give it a failure so far compared to 360.

Anonymous said...

Ive had a ps1 & ps2 and just last month bought a ps3 when the price dropped. I have no interest playing old gen games on it. The only ps3 game i have is ninja gaiden (which is practically an old gen game). Not much else appeals to me at the moment. Ive played resistance at a friends and we beat it, thought it was way over hyped. No interest in playing it again. Might try darkness, I never owned an xbox or 360. SONY - i am looking for an excuse to buy your games. give me something good for the love of god!!!! Anyway, my point is, they dont have any good games at the moment, hopefully that will change from sep to dec.

Anonymous said...

to most recent anonymous guy... resistance's campaign isnt that great, but the online is ridiculously addicting and the ps2/1 games bc is a huge plus for my ps3s. (all 60gb with EE) but when i get another ps3 (for blu-ray, but some gaming) it probably won't have ee (80gb) :-(.

Unknown said...

Well, I also have the 360 and PS3 and I can honestly say that I'm anticipating 3 "big" exclusives on the 360 far more than the exclusives coming out for PS3.

Of the 3 you mention coming soon, Heavenly Sword probably has the most potential to really be outstanding. Unfortunately, the demo was just far too short to really get that feeling, unlike the recently released Bioshock demo.

Warhawk looks like it could be fun, but too expensive at $40 for a download-only version and $60 for a boxed version (even with a headset).

And Lair has been getting terrible press so far. Hopefully it won't be as bad as what people have been saying, but it's not looking good.

Games I'm most looking forward to on the PS3 are Ratchet and Uncharted, but I'm not really sold on either yet. I played Ratchet for a bit at Lollapalooza last week and it was fun, but pretty much exactly what you'd expect from a Ratchet game. And then at $60 with no multiplayer (for the sequel to $40 games that had multiplayer), it might be a tough pill to swallow.

I wanted to play Uncharted at Lollapalooza as well, but the kid in front of me wouldn't budge, so I instead watched him for 15 minutes. The game looked like it could be a lot of fun... sort of a combination of Gears of War and Tomb Raider. But, what I saw looked a bit unpolished with a somewhat sluggish framerate and sort of jaggy graphics. They have a few more months on this game so hopefully they'll iron this stuff out.

Anyway, that's why people say there are "no games" for the PS3... There are lots of potentials, but no "sure-things" like Bioshock, Halo 3, and Mass Effect seem like they're going to deliver.


Anonymous said...

I got a 360 and I only have one game for it, Gears of War. Sure it has plenty of good games but none of them really appeal to me. If I had a PS3 I might have more than one game.

Anonymous said...

i own all 3 systems (360, ps3, wii). i got my wii first at launch, then bought a 360 at christmas and a ps3 a few months back. i got a ps3 because i got a great deal on it, and because of future games that i was excited for, namely lair and littlebigplanet. my enthusiasm for lair has tempered with previews i've read and video i've seen. i still can't wait for littlebigplanet, but know that it's a good ways off. i bought resistance for the ps3, which i personally thought was horrible. i completed the game and immediately got rid of it. now i own sigma, which is the same game that i played on my xbox years ago. it's still fun, but at the moment, it's the only game i have and the only game i find worth having on the ps3. warhawk and drakes fortune interest me, but little else coming out this year for the ps3 does. any cross-platform game that i've bought has been for 360, because i enjoy the controller much more and have found the games look better on the xbox. i have about 20 games for the xbox right now, and there are at least 7 or 8 games that i absolutely can't wait for, much moreso then anything coming out for the ps3.
so in my mind, the ps3 has no games, and very few to be looking forward to. i don't buy into the whole "it's got ps2 and ps1 games" argument because those aren't ps3 games. if i wanted to play those games, i could do it for much, much cheaper on a ps2. the ps3 costs alot of money and i expect games designed for that exact system. bottom line, i need littlebigplanet to get here soon before i lose my ps3 to dust.

as for my wii, well, if it wasn't for mario galaxy and ssbb, i wouldn't have kept it this long. wii sports was fun for about 3 days and people who haven't played it still find it entertaining, but the games on the system are just so horribly bad it's ridiculous. i haven't turned my wii on for months. it's all been about the 360 and that's not going to stop for some time.

Anonymous said...

Yea, I bought a PS3 so that I could play a library of PS1 and PS2 games, some call me silly. I don't see a problem. I have the money to burn, If you cant burn money the same way that's your poor problem.

Anonymous said...

i have a ps3 and a 360 i use the 360 to make toast and as a space heater... but look at the games coming out for ps3...ut3, warhawk, lair, killzone 2,haze...lets take a look at 360 exclusives...halo 3 which in my opinion will flop so and if the ps3 games are 3/4 as good as they are supposed to be ill be happy with that line-up

Anonymous said...

i didnt buy a ps3 to play metal gear solid for the hundreth time, and i didnt buy it to play really fancy looking movies either. I own all three systems and two of them only collect dust,thank god for the 360

Anonymous said...

The Ps3 hardly plays any Ps2 or PS1 games, get your facts right before making a huge news post...

Anonymous said...

No offence, but after reading this article I honestly thought this was a joke or written by a 14 year old. This is the worst argument for the lack of ps3 games i have ever heard. For starters, if 40% of ps3 owners are unaware of blu-ray
built in then these people are idiots who dont research their purchases and keep up to date with technology, and are probably unaware of the console being backward compatible, blowing your argument out of the water. As others have mentioned, no one wants to spend all that money on a new console to play old games...did you only play ps1 games when you bought your ps2? Probably not. As for backward compatible gaming, Sony are doing away with that to cut costs. The EE chip is being left out, and the newer 80gb console will incorporate some software emulation technique to do this but hardly the best way. They didnt even get the backward compatibility right the first time around, making ps2 games look worse (check youtube for videos of this demoing differences between mgs and ff7). Sony themselves state that the EE chip is being left out because they feel they should move on and concentrate on the next generation of gaming, so even sony dont really want people playing ps1 and ps2 games on the ps3. This excuse by sony is an obvious cover up, the real reason is because they lose money on each console made because of blu-ray technology and want to cut costs. The ps3 was basically a cheap blu-ray player with retro gaming capabilities, now just a cheap blu-ray player.
Remember when the ps2 first came out, that was mine and many others first DVD player, and was cheaper than most dvd players around at the time. A few years on you can buy a dvd player for next to nothing, and I havent used my dvd player in the ps2 for watching movies on in years. I can see the exact same thing happening with blu-ray.
Unlike the times when ps2 vs xbox was around the ps2 had a lot of exclusives, now the 360 has turned things around and is basically getting hold of all the good games ps2/3 had/will get. Resident evil 5, gta 4, devil may cry 4, metal gear solid 4..all coming out for the 360. Will Sony make any good new games or keep releasing sequels? I agree the 360 seems to have better graphics somehow, even though it should get beaten on paper. I also think the new 360 controller (which has apparently won awards) is the best controller ive ever used. Is anyone else sick of using the same style controller for the last 12 years? I am. The ps3 is big, ugly, expensive, has no games, the dashboard and online play is poor, advertising campaign (this is living) is the worst yet, the design of the console is the worst of all playstations so far...theres just nothing positive i can say about the ps3 at this moment in time. Sony have really messed up and are putting a lot of money and hopes into the success of blu-ray rather than focusing on a gaming console.

Anonymous said...

It's 2009 and guess what:
PS3 still has no games.

Anonymous said...

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